Moonlight: How an Indie Underdog Came to Shine

Everybody likes an underdog story. What’s not to love about seeing someone we care for beating the odds and getting their moment in the spotlight, after all? And what a spotlight this is: it lights the stage of the most watched telecast on Earth, the Oscars. Hollywood likes many things: money, a good story, money, […]

Why You Should Care About Independent Film Festivals

Did you know that Cannes is actually a fairly boring city? All eyes are on it during those ten days in May, after all that’s exciting, isn’t it? Ken Loach flies in to collect a prize for a surprise-late-career angry social drama. Woody Allen just stands there, still jet-lagged from the flight, looking bored at his own […]

Why You Should Care About The Genre of Your Story

“It’s a romantic comedy about this woman and this man…” “It’s a thriller about a lobbyist who…” “It’s a zombie coming-of-age story…” All loglines should have several things: a conflict, a main character and a genre. Most screenwriting books will tell you the importance of creating a three-dimensional character and of having a central conflict […]

5 Ways Your Score Could be Holding You Back from an Award

It’s true what they say. First impressions count. Sight is the primary sense and it takes just moments to make a judgement call. As humans, we’re exceptionally good at this. You judged this article within minutes of seeing the image and title. (I’m delighted you’ve read this far. Stay with me. It gets better.) Film […]

Why You Should Not Care About Awards Season

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Colourful lights are set, stars shine bright, people exchange gifts… Awards season is upon us. After the announcement of the Golden Globes nominations, we need to brace ourselves for the next weeks, when more “surprises”, “shocking snubs” and “shoo-ins” are announced for the horse race of the […]

The Independent Filmgoer’s Guide To Film Festivals

Ah, film festivals; they sound so glamorous and trendy but for the true film enthusiast, a film festival is a cinematic wonderland. The question is, which film festival is going to be your utopia? With countless festivals catering to all tastes, the choice can be overwhelming. Read on to find information that any rookie festivalgoer […]

5 Reasons Why Ken Loach Is The Quintessential Indie Filmmaker

Ken Loach has been making films for six decades. That alone is an achievement that puts him in a very singular category alongside Woody Allen, Steven Spielberg, Agnès Varda, Francis Ford Coppola and few others. This fact is even more staggering when you think that cinema as an art form is only a little over […]

5 Tips To Steer Your Directing Career In The Right Direction

Directing is hard. F*cking hard, as Tarantino would put it. It’s a hundred decisions you have to make every minute of the day – and that’s not only during your shoot. You also have to make decisions about which films you want to make, which stories to tell, and the broader decisions of what to […]

Raindance’s 25th Birthday: The Eco-system

Raindance’s 25th Birthday: Elliot Grove’s FAQ’s | Why I Raindance | Key Raindance Dates | Raindance eco-System One of the achievements of Raindance is the creation of an international eco-system. It was created by the dynamic Raindance staff, Raindance members and benefactors. Raindance is a People organisation – Raindance Membership: 2,000 paid members worldwide, 65% […]

Raindance’s 25th Birthday: Key Dates

Raindance’s 25th Birthday: Elliot Grove’s FAQ’s | Why I Raindance | Key Raindance Dates | Raindance eco-System Raindance was formed by Elliot Grove in 1992 at a moment of deep crises in the British film industry. In 1992 only six features were made. But Grove and a small band of filmmaker/entrepreneurs that included Edgar Wright […]

Movies To Watch If The Oscars Disappointed You

The 88th Oscars are behind us, after much turmoil surrounded the nominations, the nominees and, most of all, the non-nominees. Hence trended the much discussed #OscarsSoWhite hashtag. Host Chris Rock let Hollywood have it from the first second of the telecast. Naturally, it’s not that the nominees were not good films. It’s that they were […]