SCREENWRITING COURSE, by Matthieu de Braconier (English language)

Schedule: February 9&10,  2019  – 10am-6pm – Fees: Euro 190

Address: Raindance – Centre Créatif Dansaert – 7/11, Rue d’Alost – 1000 Brussels

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Screenwriting tutor and active screenwriter Matthieu de Braconier (short biography below) will start off the two-day masterclass with a brief recap of traditional American screenwriting theory (the three act redemptive structure, most commonly used development terminology, screenplay formatting and an overview of screenwriting principles as thought by McKee or Truby). The theory’s success and place in the film industry makes it increasingly important to be aware of it. At the same time, its authors almost guru-like status and slightly prescriptive propositions tend to lead to formulaic writing. There are less prescriptive tools and processes a screenwriter can learn to master that can help him/her create his/her own story, define his/her own style, and write an original, meaningful and powerful screenplay. Matthieu proposes to share the most valuable ones he encountered during this week-end course.

What’s a story idea? How does it differ from a high concept? From a character idea? How to generate and clarify ideas?

Developing a ‘visual’ narrative language; how to tell your story through images.

Designing your structure; how to tailor your structure to your needs.

Learning the tools that build a story; plot, points of view, conflict.

Creating compelling characters.

Writing dialogue.

Managing writer’s block and other existential writer obstacles.

Depending on demand, we will focus on the key differences between writing a short and feature films.

We think this week-end will help you understand the essence of screenwriting, improve your skills, allow you to start working on your first film project or rethink your current project more confidently.

After the course, for inspiration and information purposes, we will provide you with the English scripts of multi awarded and internationally acclaimed feature films (Tarantino’s, Coen’s or Wes Anderson’s…).

This class we be held only twice a year.

FYI: Matthieu also speaks French and Dutch so there should be no problem translating specific terms or answering your questions in these languages.

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His first produced feature as a screenwriter, ALL CATS ARE GREY starring Bouli Lanners and Anne Coesens, premiered in competition as part of the “Alice nella città” section of the Rome International Film Festival, won several awards including Best International Film at the Santa Barbara Film Festival and was a box office hit in its native Belgium where it received 9 nominations at the Belgian national awards les Magritte.

Recently Matthieu co-wrote a film with Amélie van Elmbt that was shot this summer, produced by Dardenne brother’s company Les Films du Fleuve and co-produced by Why Not Productions and Martin Scorsese’s Sikelia Productions.

Presently Matthieu is writing a film for WEEKEND, 45 YEARS and LEAN ON PETE producer Tristan Goligher, and has several other exciting projects in the pipeline.

Matthieu regularly works as a script editor and tutor for programs such as MEDIA funded Film Fabula, Creative Skillset funded Save Our Scripts development program for writers and producers and more recently the script doctoring program from the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles.

Beside writing Matthieu is an experienced BAFTA nominated producer. Notable credits include co-producing LONDON RIVER and JUST LIKE A WOMAN, both by Rachid Bouchareb (DAYS OF GLORY, TWO MEN IN TOWN).


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