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Develop your voice as an independent filmmaker In partnership with Staffordshire University, Raindance offers a fully accredited Masters Program.

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Submissions are now open for the 23rd Raindance Film Festival taking place in London's West End.
September 23rd - October 4th 2015.

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Raindance Berlin's courses offer the most amount of information in the shortest amount of time. Most film schools tell you how it can't be done. We tell you how to.

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10 Big Mistakes Documentary-Makers Make

10 mistakes documentary filmmakers make

I made my first doc while in film school, and have been doing it ever since. Documentaries are flavour of the month now - people love real and true life stories. Docs are an easier way for emerging filmmakers to break in as the production costs can be lower than with a narrative film. I'm […]

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5 Things I Learned Making A Film With No Money, No Ideas, & No Camera.


You don't need a camera to make a film. Honestly. I did it. It turned out pretty good too. I'd been trying to get a short film funded for a couple of years. I thought I was the perfect candidate for funding. I had good script. I had experience. I felt I had something to […]

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Experience? Who Needs It?

Film Experience - Who Nooeds it?

Experience? Such an overrated quality. When a cameraman tries to sell himself to me with the line “I have over twenty years of experience”, my first thought is: “that could very well be twenty years of the wrong experience.” Perhaps it helps if you make apple pies, or build mega container ships, but in film […]

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Cinema 2.0: Shooting Live Sets in One Day

Final Devo Pix

Welcome to my new blog on Cinema 2.0. Cinema 2.0 is A NEW APPROACH TO DIY FILM PRODUCTION, MARKETING and DISTRIBUTION working outside of the accepted mainstream cinema industry. It's about leveraging your peer-to-peer marketing and online digital distribution for your own original cinema making your authentic, artisanal and original programming for enjoyment worldwide. This weekend […]

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