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Develop your voice as an independent filmmaker In partnership with Staffordshire University, Raindance offers a fully accredited Masters Program.

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Festival Passes are now on sale for the 23rd Raindance Film Festival and Raindance Web Fest taking place in London's glamorous West End between September 23rd - October 4th 2015. Don't miss your chance to participate.

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Raindance Berlin's courses offer the most amount of information in the shortest amount of time. Most film schools tell you how it can't be done. We tell you how to.

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You have a great idea for a movie. You've met your writer and had meeting after meeting about the script. You've attended a film festival or two and f
Want to make a movie? It pays to learn from the best! This five-part evening course taught by Raindance founder Elliot Grove, producer Sascha Supastra
Are you interested in writing a successful television pilot that executives and networks will want? This €45 (€38.75 for Raindance Premium Members) cl
Welcome to the Raindance Berlin website. This is the hub site for Raindance Berlin. Your one stop shop for all things film and Raindance in Berlin. To

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Winners of the 23rd Raindance Film Festival


  AND THE AWARD GOES TO... Best International Feature: ALICE IN MARIALAND - Dir. Jesús Magaña Jesús Magaña Vásquez has created a film which beautifully encapsulates what it means to fall in and out of love, the difficulties of moving on and the challenge of forgetting an unresolved past. Best British Feature: KICKING OFF - […]

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Before You Shoot – Simple Tips


  It's usually the simple things that are forgotten, here are seven tips which will make your shoot day a whole lot easier.   Set Your Scene Walk through your scene step by step to identify any problems with your script, making sure everything you have written can realistically be shot. By doing this, you may […]

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10 tips when shooting a documentary interview


  These are meant as guidelines not rules. Everyone has their own interview style that works for them. But it is good to keep them in mind.   1. Be prepared, but adaptable This is a point of contention among documentary filmmakers. Some filmmakers prepare a list of questions to give them direction. Others prefer to […]

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7 Female Film Composers You Should Know About


  Female Composers, Where Art Thou? The lack of Female Film Composers is not a secret, it is very rare to see a Female credited for scoring a 'huge' movie. Debbie Wiseman says: “I think there are so few female composers in the industry for exactly the same reasons there are fewer female directors, camera operators, editors, […]

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