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Top 11 Raindance Film Articles of 2015

Our web contributors have written some really popular posts this year. Have a look and see if there are any that you remember. Better yet, if you’ve written an article you think we might like, then send it in to info@raindance.co.uk, 1 15 things everyone does on a film set 315,326 2 Worlds top short […]

Santa’s 7 Lessons For Filmmakers

Holiday season again. I meet filmmaker after filmmaker on the streets around the Raindance Film Centre in London’s theatreland and they’re all lamenting the fact that this town is closing down for a good solid fortnight and they can’t get answers on their projects. Bah Humbug. Why moan and complain? Are you worried about what […]

Elliot’s 3 Bad Mistakes of 2014

New Year’s resolutions are around the corner and with the downtime over the holidays a good time to pause and reflect. 2014 was in many ways a great year for me personally, and for my alter-ego Raindance Film Festival. The festival itself rocketed to new levels never seen before in terms of press, attendance and […]

15 Filmmaking Predictions for 2015

The film industry has often been at the forefront of technological advances and emerging trends, utilising new discoveries to create consistently awe-inspiring cinematic experiences. Our foresights for 2015 see an industry increasingly revolving around online platforms, with filmmaking becoming ever more entrepreneurial, digitalised and dictated by audiences.   1. Franchises The monopoly of the franchise […]

From $0 to $100k: Writer/Director Duke Roth Simon’s “Unbelievable But True” Crowdfunding Experience

Based on a true story, writer/director Duke Roth Simon’s feature film project Debal-Uncrowned Underdogs explores the dark and dangerous world of an underground drug cartel in Pakistan. The previously untold story takes place in Roth’s home city of Karachi, and is a labour of love that he’s been working on and researching for over 2 […]


Filmmaker: What Do You Do For A Living?

The holiday season is upon us. gift, giving, food, drink – and weird Uncle Norman insulting the entire family and mum asking: “What do you do for a living?” This need not be the season of dread. One needs to brace oneself for the correct answer. First, you need to decide how you answer: Do […]

What To Do Once The Screenplay Is Written

1. Pat Yourself On The Back. Have a nap. Brew yourself a cup of tea. Put your feet up. Now is the time to bask in your productive glory. You’ve persevered through procrastination and writer’s block to complete something that resembles a film. Arguably, the hardest graft is yet to come, but the first and […]

“I’ve tried to focus on the projects rather than the ceilings”

Documentary filmmaker Maureen Judge hails from Canada and has an industry CV that spans over 20 years. Working in TV and film she here shares her expertise and talks of the new challenges she faced with her latest project Living Dolls. Once I started making films I loved it. I made my first 3 films […]


Faking an Accent

  It’s an acting rite of passage. Some actors turn up to an audition having never tried the accent they are about to do. Sometimes it’s excruciating for them. Sometimes it’s excruciating for us. ‘Why did they hire (x) when they could have cast someone great with a natural local accent?’ Because it’s fun. The […]

16 short films that launched careers

28 Brilliant Films You Can Watch in the Time It Takes to Eat Lunch

Journalist and author Noah Gittell over at one of my favourite websites, mic.com wrote a very successful and amusing piece on the 14 Brilliant Films You can Watch In The Time It Takes To Eat Lunch. You should go over there and read Noah’s piece and watch the movies he recommends. It’s almost an entire […]

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