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9 Practical Ways To Build Your Career As A Music Director

Many directors would like to make a living as a music video director, but most have little idea about how to go about it. Directors who don’t know how to build their career risk wasting time, money and energy creating low-impact videos and building ineffective networks. As part of the commitment to professional development that […]

Download! 9 Must-Read Oscars 2015 Screenplays

The Oscars are here and so is a whole new bunch of must-read screenplays for those of you who are aspiring writers. Remember that the best way to learn how to write a screenplay is to read as many of them as possible! This year’s screenplays nominated by the Academy are a varied bunch. Whether you […]

Weekly Production Video Tip #3 – Selfie Tracking Shot

This week in our weekly production video tips, we’re talking about the Selfie Tracking Shot. OK, admittedly, that’s not a technical term. But you get the idea; the camera sits close to the actor’s face and follows their movement. The desired effect is to have the actor still in the screen, while the background moves around […]

An Interview With Director Steven Sheil

Steven Sheil is a British writer and director of independent horror films Mum and Dad and Deadmine. He talks about that infamous “liver” scene, shooting on a budget and his horror film festival Mayhem. Why do you think horror is such a brilliant genre to explore other issues? When you approach horror as an audience […]

20 Mantras Great Filmmakers Use Every Day

The characteristics that make a great filmmaker have sparked discussions at every single festival event I have ever attended. To a newbie these characteristics can appear elusive. Some think that the only qualities a filmmaker needs is the ability to choose black wardrobe items and wear sunglasses indoors and out, day or night (as I […]

What Filmmakers Can Learn From Henry Moore – 10 Things

Henry Moore was one of the most successful and recognised visual artists of the 20th century, and someone who I had the great pleasure of meeting and working with when I came out of art school in Toronto in the 1970’s. My sculpture teacher in Toronto, Wyndham Lawrence, himself the son of a Welsh miner, […]

10 Things Producers Should Know

My name is Elliot Grove and I run Raindance. Every year we are trolling through hundreds of film submissions for Raindance Film Festival and it always makes me sad. Here’s why: We end up sending out hundreds and hundreds of rejection letters to filmmakers around the world, many of whom have become personal friends. We […]

15 Ways Independent Filmmakers’ Roles Will Change In 2015

The year 2014 will go down in my mind as one of the most vibrant in the history of Raindance. Our film festival soared to new heights, with submissions, admissions and box office soaring between 18-41-51% respectively. Astonishing metrics. Over 21,000 people joined our Twitter profile, over 30,000 liked our Facebook page and according to […]

My Top Tips On Filmmaking For The Nikon European Film Festival.

Make it accessible, be extreme, but be realistic I was deeply honoured to e asked to join Pep Bonet, Dirk Jasper and the incredible Asia Argento to join the jury of the Nikon European Film Festival. Last month, as part of my role as a judge I took part in a Google Hangout with fans […]

New Year’s Anti – Resolutions

Here we are – a brand new year staring at you like a blank canvas. Everything you accomplish (or don’t) in the next year will forever have that date stamp: 2014, tattooed in the corner, for all your fans, friends and people important to you. My name is Elliot Grove. I’ve witnessed 23 New Year’s […]

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