Raindance Barcelona

Raindance Barcelona is the Spanish hub of the Raindance Film Festival and training school. We organise networking events for filmmakers, as well as courses, workshops, webinars, conferences.

This page contains all of the information you will need to know about the Raindance Barcelona hub, including upcoming courses, classes and events.

Events at Raindance Barcelona

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Email: barcelona@raindance.org


5 Silent Killers That Might Be Infecting Your Film

The creative industry is a crowded industy filled with many people all competing for attention. And competing for rewards. Like breathing in the germs from fellow commuters on an overcrowded rush-hour train, it's easy to breathe in fatal germs. I call these 'germs'...

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Film Finance Basics

Feature film finance anyone? Have you an idea for a movie? Have you got a fantastic script? Are you awaiting a pile of cash so you can make it? I got this email from a member of Raindance: If a U.S. filmmaker was seeking out of U.S. financing - 1. What sources...

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