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Raindance Barcelona is the Spanish hub of the Raindance Film Festival and training school. We organise networking events for filmmakers, as well as courses, workshops, webinars, conferences.

This page contains all of the information you will need to know about the Raindance Barcelona hub, including upcoming courses, classes and events.

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Planning Disruptive Film Education: London Film Course Search

Most film students I meet tell me they decided to go to film school because they wanted to become a writer or director. They enter a higher education degree in writing or directing. Then they wonder why their skills are so incredibly unmarketable. And I ask them if...

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The Tyranny Of The Holdover Meeting

Ask any filmmaker who has had a movie in movie theatres and they will tell you about the angst of the holdover meeting. The holdover meeting is the Monday morning meeting where the cinema owners decide if the film they screened over the weekend has had enough ticket...

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