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Do you have an idea for a feature, short or TV show? Do you want to have an irresistible pitch in order to make it happen? Come to our The Perfect Pit
  The Barcelona SALÓN DEL CINE Y DE LAS SERIES will host our January RAINDANCE MIXER!!! Don't miss the opportunity to chat a
Join the Raindance Community! Raindance membership is the best way to enjoy the Raindance experience, including discounts on film training courses and
On Monday October 17, at our monthly Raindance Mixer, we'll have the honor to host and interview Esteve Rovira (director), Ramon Termens (director and

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7 Ways Filmmakers Hit Film Festival Brick Walls

You've made a film - congratulations. Are you hitting brick walls at film festivals? Every year about this time I start getting emails from filmmakers complaining about their treatment at the hands of film festival programmers who have skipped over their film. There's even professional advisers who train disgruntled filmmakers how to do better with […]

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Why You Should Care About The Genre of Your Story

"It's a romantic comedy about this woman and this man..." "It's a thriller about a lobbyist who..." "It's a zombie coming-of-age story..." All loglines should have several things: a conflict, a main character and a genre. Most screenwriting book will tell you the importance of creating a three-dimensional character and of having a central conflict […]

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Why Diversity Is A Key Issue In The Film Industry

Why diversity is important for the film industry

The 2016 Academy Awards was one of the more controversial, with several high-profile actors and filmmakers boycotting the ceremony because of the lack of diversity in the nominations list.

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6 Common Horror Film Tropes

We all love a good scare, well most of us do. A good horror film can do this in a number of different ways, from a creeping sense of dread to a heart stopping moment of shock. Horror films get your heart thumping and your blood pumping. Horror may be the most ‘tropey’ genre in […]

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