10 Things You Should NEVER Do On A Film Set

Like Theatre, Film is a weird, small esoteric world with lots of incomprehensible rules, hidden pitfalls and awkward faux-pas waiting to happen. Read this list so you don’t get caught out when you’re next on-set! 10) Shout Some film sets are big, others are small. Some require radios for the crew to keep in touch, […]

The 10 Types of People Who Work On Films

Every work environment has its types. The film set is no exception – and film being an ‘art form’ you get some whacky types working in it. Here’s our list! 1)   Urban Bear Grylls The techie with a North face jacket, head torch, harness with various carabiners and straps, cargo shorts, unkempt beard and scraggly […]

15 Things Everyone Does On A Film Set

If you’ve never been on a film set, you might be surprised to learn that it’s mostly a very boring experience. Sure, the occasional shot requires a great deal of exciting machinery and on-set wizardry that is a joy to behold and take part in, but a lot of time spent shooting a movie is […]

From Theatre to Film: Harder Than It Sounds

Film and Theatre may walk hand-in-hand down the lane of audiovisual entertainment, but that does not mean they are similar: each is a different discipline with different – written and unwritten – rules and difficulties, and each has the ability to be extremely powerful – both as a vessel for meaning and as a tool […]

Margaret Thatcher’s Film Legacy

Margaret Thatcher swept to power in 1979 and immediately set about implementing her Conservative Party’s policies on the arts. Built on an intensely capitalist model, her policies saw the arts be treated like any other industry, with sales – or bums on seats, as we like to call it – becoming the defining measure of […]

Raindance gets a write-up in the Telegraph!

  We’re famous! The press have pricked their ears and come a-sniffing around our submerged office to snap this frighteningly good picture of Elliot Grove and talk to him a bit about how Raindance has been getting along these past few years. In the article, Elliot talks about how sponsorship for the Festival died down […]

MA student directs ‘The British Film Industry’s return to Film Noir’

  Raindance MA student Helier Bissell-Thomas has been credited with writing and directing the British Film Industry’s ‘return to Film Noir’ by Jason Holmes of the Huffington Post. You can read the full article here! The film is called ‘Kaufman’s Game’ and has been described as a neo-noir gangster psychological thriller. It’s Helier’s first feature, […]

2013: The Year for YOU

  Happy New Year. Here at Raindance, we’ve decided that 2013 is going to be a special year. Of course, everyone says that every year, but we really mean it. Why? Well, look at 2012: a glorious year full of embodied national and international pride and excitement in the forms of the Jubilee, the Olympics, […]

Raindance does Rome

23rd – 27th January 2013 The Raindance Film Festival is taking its inaugural trip to Rome, landing at the ‘Il Kino’ Cinema for a fun-packed 5-day celebration of independent film. Raindance Roma will feature screenings of features and shorts from the 2012 festival, as well as offering some of Raindance’s top courses, events and classes. […]

Your Basic Filmmaking Kit & Crew: A 3-Level Guide

One of the biggest problems most first-time filmmakers face is that of planning for – and providing – the right resources for the all-important shoot. You’ve written the script, or found someone to write it for you. You’ve found a cast, and you’ve arranged a day (or days) on which to shoot. And you’ve raised […]

Raindance’s 2012 Success Stories

This year has been a banner year for Raindance. Let us outline the things we feel were highlights: January: – Guillermo Arriaga attends for a brilliant workshop. – Groupon and Saturday Film School. We presented this amazing one day class to over 3,000 people February: – Berlinale Live!Ammunition! May: – Cannes Film Festival washout The weather really sucked, […]