What’s your excuse for not doing it?

Sitting here on Planet Raindance for a quarter century has been an exercise in humility. So many films and filmmakers have passed through the doors. So much has changed. Back in 1992 it was all 35mm. Now it’s (nearly) all electronic. Award winning films, even Oscar winners are shot on cellphones like Looking for Sugarman. […]

Brexit: Raindance Statement

Britain’s electorate has shocked the world by voting to leave the European Union. Raindance staff here in London have been left devastated like so many others in the European independent film industry. Forget for a moment the arguments about economics and the political design of the EU in the first place, and the arguments whether or […]

6 Painful Filmmaking Lessons Elliot Grove Learned

Don’t we all hate painful filmmaking lessons? I do. I’ve had plenty of them. Its been 25 years since this whole Raindance thing started, and it’s painful to remember all the naive and often stupid lessons I had to be taught. We’re nearing the end of the festival submissions for this year’s 24th Raindance Film […]

Underdogs Unite – Leicester City’s 7 Lessons for Filmmakers

Underdogs unite! What an unusual combination between filmmakers and Leicster City football team. A year ago they were dead last. The team of cast-offs and bargain basement players was threatened with relegation. At the time of writing (Monday 2 May) they could win it all big time if Chelsea beat their closest rivals Tottenham. Breaking […]

How Short Films Make Money

We’ve championed short films since day one at Raindance a quarter  century ago. Short films are the laboratory of cinema. It’s the place where filmmakers experiment and learn. I’ve noticed a seismic change in short films since I started Raindance. Firstly, the digital revolution has made production costs significantly lower. Secondly, everyone wants content but […]

Your First 100 Days As A Filmmaker

You’ve finally decided to jump headlong towards your dream and become a filmmaker. Now what? Leaving the ordinary civilian lifestyle to become a filmmaker can be a real jolt. Raindance is here to make that transition easier. Filmmaking is not just a life-style – it’s a strategy, a different way of thinking and doing. For […]

How Shakespeare Made It – 20 Key Dates

I’m a Canadian living in London under the shadow of William Shakespeare. Shakespeare’s image has been carefully imprinted on the global cultural economy. As a human being, I am always fascinated by life stories and history. As a Canadian I’m stuck with literary giants like Leonard Cohen and Margaret Atwood. Brits get William Shakespeare. It […]

Redeem BHS and Austin Reed Gift Vouchers Here

As one of the most distinguished film brands we were appalled to hear that both BHS and Autin Reed went into receivorship. These are two of the most trusted and respected retailers in the UK. Because they’re in receivorship people with gift vouchers and credit balances will have lost their money! Eensy weensey Raindance has […]

7 Things Filmmakers can Learn from Prince

Prince has died. In 2010, Prince was listed in TIME magazine’s annual ranking of the “100 Most Influential People in the World”. Filmmakers and music lovers alike are mourning the passing of one of the world’s most creative and influential musicians of his generation. Self-taught, spurned by record labels at the start of his career, […]

Raindance’s 25th Birthday: Elliot Grove’s 10 FAQs

Raindance’s 25th Birthday: Elliot Grove’s FAQs | Why I Raindance | Key Raindance Dates | Raindance eco-System I realised this cold wet Easter weekend that I have been Raindancing since 1992. Funny how it seems like an eternity on one hand, and hardly any time at all on the other. However you cut it, it’s […]

Elliot Grove: Why I Raindance

Raindance 25th Birthday: Elliot Grove’s FAQ’s | Why I Raindance | Key Raindance Dates | Raindance eco-System I just passed another milestone – I rewrote the Raindance Producer’s Lab book, only 38 months after my original deadline! It was a real monster – at over 250,000 words. Just managing the manuscript was a challenge. So […]