Interview with Rene Pannevis – Writer/Director of ‘Jacked’

With the British Independent Film Awards right around the corner, we sat down with Rene Pannevis, director of Raindance Film Festival 2016 Best Short Film nominee, Jacked, which is one of five shorts vying for the Best British Short award at BIFA 2016. Jacked was developed and written in less than a month after Pannevis came […]

Internships Available – 2017

Raindance – Intern Positions   We are seeking London-based interns who are friendly, enthusiastic and interested in film and events management to fill the following roles at Raindance. Please note excellent written and verbal communication skills are required. All applicants should be available between Jan-March 2017 (exact starting dates TBC) and will volunteer on a full-time basis […]

The Market for Viral Content

“Let’s make it go viral”, said the marketing executive, looking at the coffee stain on his tie. He (it’s most likely a he) had already forgotten whether everyone was talking about -a bundle of videos, an article, a VR short…-, he knew it had to go viral. After all, why not? Viral is the thing […]

Chris Milk’s Revolutionary Work On Virtual Reality

Chris Milk is a photographer, director, entrepreneur, founder, and CEO of Within (Virtual Reality). Beginning his career in music videos, commercials and photography shortly gaining recognition. Working with names such as  Kanye West, Johnny Cash, U2 and others. Milk’s work has since expanded beyond tradition. Experimenting with different formats and mediums storytelling leading into virtual […]

Top 10 Women in Science Fiction

  Every movie that has ever been made about artificial intelligence owes a debt of gratitude to one woman: Mary Shelley. When Shelley published Frankenstein in 1818, which is widely regarded to be the first science fiction novel, she effectively invented a genre. The power of science fiction to open up a portal into a parallel universe where […]

The Biggest Box-Office Turkeys of 2016

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Everyone is in a holiday spirit. Halloween is over, Bonfire Night is behind us, and it’s time to eat turkey again because it’s Thanksgiving for our friends in the United States. Granted, they have a lot to be not thankful for, but they -and we, the independent filmmakers […]

10 Movies that Will Make Any Kid Fall in Love with Cinematography

In our day and time, the movie industry is bent on providing children with incredible movies and animations that will keep them glued to their seats and asking for more. The digital age makes watching movies a trip to the park and the technological developments in cinema (when properly employed) can turn any film into […]

Top 10 Virtual Reality Short Films To Watch Right Now

Top Ten Virtual Reality Videos To Watch Right Now It seems Virtually reality being used by so many talented creators of content now with releases of feature film promotions to premiere festival virtual reality short films. This list includes a variety of different approach each take in this process. Help 4mins 53sec Director Justin Lin […]

10 Inspiring Films That Brought About Social Change

These are strange times we’re living in. Very little can be predicted about the future, even in the short term —except perhaps that you want to write more, and make more films. That’s good, because that work matters. People don’t take the time to understand each other, and hate is rising. It’s completely legitimate, now, that you’d […]

The Independent Filmgoer’s Guide To Film Festivals

Ah, film festivals; they sound so glamorous and trendy but for the true film enthusiast, a film festival is a cinematic wonderland. The question is, which film festival is going to be your utopia? With countless festivals catering to all tastes, the choice can be overwhelming. Read on to find information that any rookie festivalgoer […]