Hot Models Wanted: One Actor’s Point Of View On Casting Your Indie Film (Part 2)

Six dos and don’ts every actor wishes you knew from breakdown to booking.  If you are an indie filmmaker then you know that casting is that wildcard that can make or break your chances at festivals, awards, and making all of your hard work worth it, and that mis-casting can make your shoot a living […]

Interview with actress/writer/director Francesca Fowler

If you don’t recognise Francesca Fowler by name, you’ll probably recognise her by face, having made fairly regular appearances on British television screens for the past decade, as well as starring alongside the likes of Gillian Anderson and Danny Dyer in various films. But having been passionate about writing since childhood, it was inevitable that […]

Why Pokémon Go Should Set Your Filmmaker’s Soul On Fire

It’s been a long time since a groundbreaking innovation in film has caused stampedes, arrests and mayhem in general. Avatar broke box office records, people queued, but the excitement was far tamer than for this new, exciting prospect. Yes, people have been hurt trying to avoid the train that was speeding towards them during the first […]

NOLLYWOOD: Some Patterns Of Our Now

Over the last eight years, Nollywood filmmaking has progressed from the curio domiciled in the heart of Surulere Lagos, Nigeria, to a widely successful industry whose films gradually inch into the West of the world. Instances abound: Mirror Boy (2010) premiered at the Leicester Square, London; Half of a Yellow Sun also first screened at […]

6 characters who redefined disability in cinema

Weak, vulnerable, handicapped… words that are probably most commonly used for describing a person with a disability. As someone who has a disability herself, it’s frustrating when some people automatically think that we are inept and we need constant supervision 24/7. We don’t. Simple as. Take the controversy behind Me Before You and its representation […]

Where is filmmaking going?

I was asked by Elliot to write an article about what it would take to revive the film industry. “In what sense?” I asked. I felt a dubious frown appear on my face. “Well, you know…” he said before diving back into his work. The question is so broad in its scope, it’s fair to say […]