7 Short Films that were turned into Feature Films

For an inexperienced filmmaker, the making of a first feature film can be quite the bumpy affair, and starting out in the industry is an often difficult and even scary process. In this situation, short films can be very helpful. Generally, they represent the first and sometimes shaky steps a young writer/director takes on the path […]

Smart Tips for Smartphone Filmmaking

Cell phone technology has advanced at an unbelievable pace since the 1980’s. In the dark dystopian future of 2017, entire feature length movies are shot on so-called ‘Smart Phones”. What does it all mean? Just how smart are they? Are these ‘Smart Phones’ planning a revolution? Can they feel? Seriously, though, Smartphones are becoming smarter, […]

5 Alternative Ways of Happiness in Movies

On the 20th of March, the world is celebrating International Happiness Day. In 2012, the United Nations created this annual celebration to recognise happiness as a ‘fundamental human goal’. Happiness plays a strong feature in movies, most characters walk through life somehow trying to be happy. It has created the invasive ‘happy ending’ cult in […]

Is There Such a Thing as Film Anymore?

Eyebrows were raised recently when news broke that Martin Scorsese’s new project, The Irishman, left Paramount and was going to go to Netflix. After all, the maestro has had a devotion for the film medium since childhood. His passion has meant that he has defended the value of shooting on film instead of using digital cinematography, and […]

6 Films That Turned Failure Into Success

As filmmakers, we all want to make great films. What is a great film? We know that a big budget and amazing special effects, huge explosions and epic scale does not guarantee a great or successful film. Success can sometimes come DESPITE the lack of budget or not-so-great special effects. In the film industry, success […]

Hollywood’s Comedy Sidekicks: Funny or Problematic?

  Aren’t they just hilarious? They’re socially awkward and compensate with overconfidence, they don’t adhere to rules, and often display a complete lack self-awareness. All of this makes them even more tragically funny – or does it? Just like the stereotype of the Manic Pixie Dream Girl, the “neurotic sidekick” can be found in many […]

5 Low-Budget DIY Filmmaking Hacks

You’re a filmmaker, you’re just starting out, you’re broke. We get it. But what if I said to you that you can achieve Hollywood production value for a very low cost. Own a pair of rollerblades? Great! You’ve got yourself a sweet tracking shot. Got some old CD cases laying around? Even better! You now […]