6 Things Screenwriters Can Learn From Ofgem

You’re going to be asking what screenwriters can learn from Ofgem. How, you ask can the creator of Europe’s largest independent film festival give a scare about Ofgem. Ofgem is the antithesis of Raindance. It’s a corporate-run government organisation. If you’re new to the United Kingdom, or corporate law in general, Ofgem is a consumer […]

#StarringJohnCho and Social Media Activism

In recent years, the Internet has grown to be either the biggest cave for trolls or the best improvement that the public agora has known since the advent of modern democracy. Social media has become so powerful that it can and has overthrown governments and shifted political lines in a way that, not so long […]

5 reasons not to miss ‘Victoria’

If you haven’t already seen Sebastian Schipper’s German/English, one shot thriller, here’s why Victoria is a must see. 1. It’s actually a one-shot film Whilst there are many films which are edited to appear to be one-shot I.e. Iñárritu’s Birdman (2015) and Hitchcock’s Rope, (1948) Sebastian Schipper’s Victoria’s tagline “One girl, One night, One city, One shot” […]

The Why, Where, How, What and Who of Virtual Reality Filmmaking

Why waste your time with something that was made up by bored science fiction and Simpsons writers? Never before have we had access to the stuff dreams are made of, and given its current trajectory, a shared Virtual Dreamscape on the scene wouldn’t be all that surprising. Virtual reality as it stands has excellent gimmick […]

The best Shakespeare adaptations (part II)

You might have seen the first article we published on Shakespeare adaptations, so as promised here are the more modern ones. 1. Romeo. Juliet, Armando Acosta (1990) Romeo and Juliet, but with cats. Don’t be fooled this is a very serious film. The cast includes John Hurt (the only human), Ben Kingsley, Dame Maggie Smith […]

The difference between 360° and virtual reality

Virtual reality is not the next big thing. It’s the current big thing -at least for independent filmmakers who are always on the prowl for exciting new ways to tell stories. Here at Raindance, we champion cutting-edge techniques that will be tomorrow’s mainstream. That’s why we’ve opened a VR strand at this year’s Raindance festival. […]

A Screenwriting Structure Hack That Nobody Talks About

Having a strong grasp of screenwriting structure is essential if you’re an aspiring screenwriter aiming to break into the business. However, while there’s a ton of theory out there on act breaks, plot points and what has to happen where, there’s not much in the way of practical things you can do to help improve […]

Why “Grammar-Nazis” Make The Best Filmmakers

Filmmaking is a language. It has its own specific rules, its own rhythms and its own idiosyncrasies. And just like in any language, it comes with a number of “grammar-nazis”. In English, they’re these people who haunt Twitter and disqualify any comment that was made if it’s not grammatically correct. They’re everywhere and will not […]

Underdogs Unite – Leicester City’s 7 Lessons for Filmmakers

Underdogs unite! What an unusual combination between filmmakers and Leicster City football team. A year ago they were dead last. The team of cast-offs and bargain basement players was threatened with relegation. At the time of writing (Monday 2 May) they could win it all big time if Chelsea beat their closest rivals Tottenham. Breaking […]