How to Take Advantage of the Busiest Time of Year for Actors (Part 2) ?

Actors are optimists, but stay in the game long enough and all of us are in danger of the bitterness we sometimes see creeping into the faces of our adored acting friends. These looks are usually accompanied by questions such as; Will I ever make it? How can I train without any income? Have I […]

How to Take Advantage of the Busiest Time of Year for Actors (Part 1) ?

Summer Is Coming! Whether 2016 is the year you have decided to come out to the world as an actor, or you have been deep in the trenches for ten years, these industry truths can be elusive. By nature, actors are optimists; it is our great asset and our greatest liability. Being realistic isn’t our […]

10 Web Series You Should Be Watching in 2016

Looking to refresh your web series viewing for 2016? Here’s a list of 10 web series that have episodes coming out this year – some on multiple seasons, others just setting out. For a little while, web series have been the “new kids on the block” in the field of film/video content. Easy and cheap […]

HOT MODELS WANTED: One Actor’s Point of View on Casting Your Indie Film (Part 1)

Six dos and don’ts every actor wishes you knew from breakdown to booking.  If you are an indie filmmaker then you know that casting is that wildcard that can make or break your chances at festivals, awards, and making all of your hard work worth it, and that mis-casting can make your shoot a living […]

Female Directors We NEED To Be Talking More about

In this dog-eat-dog world of filmmaking and features galore, it’s impossible to forget that the majority of the bigger-known directors out there are men. In a business of filmmakers being handed huge projects after a few indie hits (I’m looking at you Colin Trevorrow) why is it female directors aren’t being given the same amount of tasks […]

The Ingredients For A Great Mockumentary

Let’s get real. We like to laugh at the expense of other people. It’s a fine line between laughing at and laughing with someone in a movie, and truly successful comedies manage to make characters relatable enough that we don’t want to cross the border of meanness. One of the trickiest and greatest forms of comedies […]

5 Emotional Stages I Went Through While Directing My First Short (and how Raindance helped me get through it all)

I’ve been volunteering with Raindance for almost three years now, and I only recently worked up the courage to direct my first short film. The experience was equal parts terrifying and exhilarating. It mostly went something like this: 1) 2 WEEKS PRIOR TO SHOOT: EXCITEMENT “Oh man YES, people have jumped on board and the […]

6 Painful Filmmaking Lessons Elliot Grove Learned

Don’t we all hate painful filmmaking lessons? I do. I’ve had plenty of them. Its been 25 years since this whole Raindance thing started, and it’s painful to remember all the naive and often stupid lessons I had to be taught. We’re nearing the end of the festival submissions for this year’s 24th Raindance Film […]