Writing A Treatment, Crafting A Synopsis For Screenwriters

A treatment can be a useful document to have, whether you’re looking to use it as a roadmap of your story before writing or as a way to build interest in a spec script. Unfortunately there’s rarely any specific agreement on how to lay out a treatment for industry consumption. Worse, many mix up “treatment” […]

How Screenwriters Make Money: Five Tried and Tested Ways

How screenwriters make money is a question I have been asked countless times during my long journey helming Raindance Film Festival. Often screenwriters have the idea that they can win a lottery by selling their script to Hollywood. But how much money do you really think you could make by selling your script to Hollywood? […]

5 Non-Screenwriting Books for Screenwriters

When I wrote my first screenplay, I bought screenwriting books. Seems logical, right? I wanted to write a good screenplay – so I bought a book about the craft of screenwriting, specifically Story by Robert McKee (both the paperback and iBooks edition). This was a breakthrough for me at the time – however, somewhere between the third and […]

Screenwriters: What Are You Worth?

It’s a simple question really. What value do you place on your skills as a screenwriter? This question arose for me recently when I was asked about helping an aspiring writer with a script. The submitted draft was extremely poor. Scene headers were missing, the writing was almost exclusively ‘tell’ and the story lacked coherence. […]

Dumb Questions Screenwriters Ask

One of my fovourite people is the LA based screenwriter William C. Martell – the amazing ex-forklift-truck-operator who has had 20 films produced by Hollywood. His unique POV from the trenches in the film industry makes him a unique voice in a very crowded film industry where screenwriters are treated like, well, shit. In this […]

10 Shortcuts Only The Smartest Screenwriters Know

Screenwriting can be a tedious and boring job – even when you are working on your Oscar-nominated masterpiece. Each of your long-term projects can become unbearable and depressing if you don’t know some of the shortcuts that professional screenwriters use to make sure they finish a project and more importantly monetise it. Film school is […]

What Graphic Novelists Can Teach Screenwriters

In a curious departure from dramatic and narrative screenwriting classes, Raindance has invited the well known Graphic novelist Tony Lee to present a one-day Introduction To Writing For Graphic Novels class at Raindance. We sat down with Tony to ask him how a screenwriter could possibly benefit from writing a graphic novel or comic. RAINDANCE: […]

5 Metrics Filmmakers and Screenwriters Should Ignore and Why

The world is filled with all sorts of data and databases. The world swarms with experts and consultants who analyse this content called metrics. The metrics of your Twitter, your Facebook, your YouTube and other video outlets. As screenwriters and filmmakers it’s easy to be overly impressed by all this data, all these metrics and […]

Screenwriters: How To Be A Virgin

First you have to know what you are trying to be.  Virgin has been twisted into a pretzel of different meanings.  The one I am talking about is where you know you are of value just for being yourself, as in a Virgin forest.  When you think about it, the tree doesn’t have to be […]

10 Stupid Mistakes Screenwriters Make

It’s great that you have finally made the life changing decision to write a screenplay. But stop and consider these basic points before you flush hundreds of hours down the proverbial toilet. I’ve seen these ten stupid mistakes screenwriters make. 1) Not knowing why they want to write So you want to write a screenplay? […]

7 Key Trends Of 2014 That Independent Filmmakers & Screenwriters Embrace

What a crazy two decades since I started Raindance – way way back in the days of celluloid in 1992. Now, of course, celluloid isn’t the only thing to go. Most of how we make, watch and consume entertainment has changed beyond recognition in the past two decades. Here are 7 Key trends that independent […]