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10 years ago, Brokeback Mountain burst on the scene as a major gay classic. It was an independent film, and was considered a huge gamble for everyone involved -especially its two lead actors- due to its subject matter. Flash forward to today: Behind the Candelabra went to HBO because every major Hollywood studio turned it […]

When done poorly music videos can just be a way to show off, sit down and have a tedious conversation or have a dance off between people for about three minutes. But at it’s best they can be as conceptual as some of the greatest movies and give abstract film making a run for its […]

Violence is one of film’s rogue and most controversial elements. Not to mention what was considered violent half a century ago has since been overshadowed by the machine gun gore of recent years. From war heroes to American gangsters to horrific murderers, film violence comes in all forms. Although more bloody movies are released every […]

Good sound matters. It beats good picture when shooting a dialogue heavy scene or film. Unless you have access to post dubbing stages for ADR (automated dialogue replacement) – you will be stuck with what you shot LIVE on the floor. STAY AWAY FROM TRAFFIC and TRAINS when shooting your dialogue scenes. STAY AWAY FROM […]