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Develop your voice as an independent filmmaker In partnership with Staffordshire University, Raindance offers a fully accredited Masters Program.

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Submissions are now open for the 23rd Raindance Film Festival taking place in London's West End.
September 23rd - October 4th 2015.

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10 Youtube Film Stars Making Big Bucks Pimping Brands

1. DevinSupertramp Devin Graham, a.k.a. Devin Supertramp, is like a one-man Red Bull media powerhouse. For four years now, he’s been creating high-energy extreme sports videos for his YouTube audience, which has grown to almost 3 million subscribers. This exposure has landed him sponsorships from some major brands, such as Mountain Dew, Reebok, and Speed […]

The Broke Filmmaker’s Guide To Making Movies

So you really want to make a movie but you are broke, right? Join the brigade of broke wannabee filmmakers. Here’s the downside: You’ll be getting all bitter and twisted, especially when you discover that the BFI’s film fund has given a grant or production finance to someone less talented and less deserving than you! […]

Debunking The Talent Myth: 6 Ways

I’m traveling right now, and as I write this I am currently sitting in the Raindance Toronto office surrounded by the hardworking Toronto team. A punter just called up inquiring about the terrific events planned here in Toronto, and wondered if you needed to have talent to attend Raindance. Then on this past weekend, I […]

Porn: 6 Lessons For Filmmakers

It’s a common misconception that filmmakers making content for the porn industry are sleazy, money-grabbing geeky sex fiends. In actual fact, the porn industry had figured out low budget filmmaking and digital distribution yonks before any of their more cultured filmmaking colleagues. Many of the advancements in filmmaking and distribution techniques have had their birth […]