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‘The Gatehouse’ Set Visit

The Amersham Cricket Club, in the outskirts of London, is one of the unlikely locations for Martin Gooch’s latest film The Gatehouse, which is a Gothic horror collaboration by Lost Eye and Manor House films. Next to a large scenic lake, a smoke machine pumps fog across the blood splattered actors as they prepare for the […]

Which Camera Is Best?

Here is a 5 minute video to see what David Worth, DP of Clint Eastwood films; Peter Holland, award-winning cinematographer; and Nicholas Sadler, legendary commercial and film DP, said at the Raindance LA Members-Only event, “The Best Camera For Your Film”, on The Camera House prep floor. Raindance Members: To watch the full-length panel and get 5 […]

10 Films That Broke The Technological Mould

The history of cinematic technology is one that is littered with stunning achievements. The film industry continues to be at the forefront of innovation as cinema has championed some of the most awe-inspiring technologies within the visual arts. From 3D to the Steadicam to shooting on an iPhone to CGI – here is our list of […]

5 Metrics Filmmakers and Screenwriters Should Ignore and Why

The world is filled with all sorts of data and databases. The world swarms with experts and consultants who analyse this content called metrics. The metrics of your Twitter, your Facebook, your YouTube and other video outlets. As screenwriters and filmmakers it is easy to be overly impressed by all of this data, all these […]