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   The Year in Review - 2016 Who are you? What's your burning question? Are you motivated and excited about your life? Do you have a pulse? Every
Raindance founder Elliot Grove list's his favourite things of 2016.
We live in very troubled times. But is not the world’s hatred caused by basic misunderstanding? What better way to break down the barriers of hatred t
This festive season, treat your film-obsessed friends and loved ones to the ultimate filmmaker's gift. Raindance Membership is a real treat to your fi

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A year in Virtual Reality: 2016

Why is Virtual Reality is so hot right now? Its proverbial Big Bang began in the 19th century, with long intricate panoramic paintings and sometime later William Gruber's view masters. But never mind all that! The real catalyst was a Kickstarter from a nerdy 19-year-old kid from Cali, Palmer Luckey. Frustrated with the lack of […]

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10 Filmmakers You Must Follow On Social Media

There's no getting around it: independent filmmakers who want to make it in the 21st century need to have a fabulous social media presence. The trick is that you can't make it all about your project. Shoving your projects down people's throats -while tempting, for the impatient among us- won't be effective. Why's that? Because […]

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9 Career-Boosting Skills Filmmakers Need

Career Skills For Filmmakers

Learn these essential filmmaking and career boosting skills and you are away and running.

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7 Ways Filmmakers Hit Film Festival Brick Walls

You've made a film - congratulations. Are you hitting brick walls at film festivals? Every year about this time I start getting emails from filmmakers complaining about their treatment at the hands of film festival programmers who have skipped over their film. There's even professional advisers who train disgruntled filmmakers how to do better with […]

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