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Submissions are now open for the 23rd Raindance Film Festival taking place in London's West End.
September 23rd - October 4th 2015.

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Work in style and with the right tools and you’re halfway there. Here is a handy list of the tools we think are essential if you want to make it as a filmmaker. Not everything on this list needs loadsa cash. I splashed out on my Apple laptop (see number 3) and cut corners on […] One way to spice up you micro budget feature is to splash out a few bucks on stock footage aerial shots. This won’t be right for every situation, but my guess is you’ll find a jaw dropping spectacular shot as in the clip reel from above. About Shutterstock: Founded in 2003 and is […]

I wrote this blog post way back in 2012 when Andy Murray first made it to the Wimbledon finals – and lost. Of course, he’s now become a household name and is ranked #3 in the world – an amazing achievemnt. Andy Murray was just 5 years old when I started Raindance in 1992. In […]

Here are ten tips, tricks and ideas to consider when setting out to make your own personal DIY cinema. Consider these options to shoot your best Cinema 2.0 film. 1: SHOT LIST EVERYTHING. STORYBOARDS DON’T HELP MOST MICROBUDGET PRODUCTIONS. Shot lists are an easier and more adaptable way to work in smaller microcinema productions. You run […]