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We've been coming up with innovative film school training, social media and the Raindance Film Festival for 22 years. Join us and become a Raindance Premium member, or attend the British Independent Film Awards which we created in 1998. Here's 10 Great Reasons To Join Raindance.

Festival Submissions now open

Early-autumn Raindance, the love child of provocateur Elliot Grove, caters to the grittier, weirder end of indiedom and has a particular penchant for rock ‘n’ roll-themed pics. Despite its Cinderella status, it attracts an unusually large share of industry support.

Shorts, features, web series, music videos all accepted at Britain's largest independent film festival. Rules and applications here

Thinking Of Film School in London?

Raindance MA student Sadie Frost studying with Martyna.

Raindance MA student Sadie Frost (l) studies in a coffee shop - the world's most flexible and innovative film degree

Our evening and weekend short film and screenwriting courses offer the greatest amount of information in the shortest amount of time.

Our Postgraduate Film Degree, offered in partnership with Staffordshire University and the Independent Film Trust is the most flexible and unique in the world.

Write your screenplay, make your movie, tap into Raindance's knowledge and expertise and earn a MA or MSc at the same time.

With over 150 students on 5 continents, this postgraduate film degree is th largest in the UK.

Nowhere else will you find film training run alongside an international independent film festival. Our London film training calendar is here

We make movies too!

Raindance Raw Talent's feature film, Deadly Virtues: Love.Honour.Obey, directed by Ate De Jong, has been bought for distribution in Germany.
It is also soon to become available in Japan and Benelux.
Over 150,000 people have watched this trailler, cut in-house by our Filmmaker-In-residence, Christian Bell.

Find out more here or follow @Raindance for more info!

Playing at the world's best horror festivals:

We Played Whistler - it's the North American Premiere on December 6th

Played Dublin Horrorthon on October 21st at 23.10
Our film played  Frightfest
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Raindance Gift Vouchers

The perfect gift for the aspiring filmmaker in your life. Our film gift certificates are redeemable on any Raindance course or event. You can gift a course, or gift a film course, give us call at 0207 930 3412. We love hearing from our readers! Raindance Members get a 15% discount! Login here then click […]

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16-Second Valentine’s Day Film Competition!

The Raindance 16-second short film competition is back! Theme: ‘The Date’ The Rules: 1) Make a 16-second short film with the theme ‘The Date’. It doesn’t have to be a romance or rom-com, be imaginative! 2) Upload it to Youtube or Instagram. Tweet us @Raindance with a link and the hashtag #16SecondDate. 3) The competition ends […]

lkit for filmmakers

2015 Filmmaker’s Toolkit

Put down the Christmas cake! Make movies! Raindance has been making filmmakers since 1992. There’s no reason to delay your movie. Move from amateur to professional. Stop making excuses. Stop blagging the blag. Stop saying  ‘Tomorrow!’ Get off your couch and start doing something meaningful! You don’t need no film school! 1 Your plan and […]


9 Practical Ways To Build Your Career As A Music Director

Many directors would like to make a living as a music video director, but most have little idea about how to go about it. Directors who don’t know how to build their career risk wasting time, money and energy creating low-impact videos and building ineffective networks. As part of the commitment to professional development that […]


Download! 9 Must-Read Oscars 2015 Screenplays

The Oscars are here and so is a whole new bunch of must-read screenplays for those of you who are aspiring writers. Remember that the best way to learn how to write a screenplay is to read as many of them as possible! This year’s screenplays nominated by the Academy are a varied bunch. Whether you […]

Screen shot 2015-01-29 at 12.15.59

Weekly Production Tip #4 – Lenses

This week, we’re talking about using different lenses to improve your work’s visual impact. Watch the video and check out our 5-minute Lens school underneath! Different lens choices are a brilliant way to spice up your visuals in your filmmaking. While some cheaper cameras don’t allow for changing lenses, most DSLRs and contemporary professional or […]


10 Of The Best Graphic Novel And Comic Book Film Adaptations

On the 31st January the highly celebrated comic book writer, novelist, playwright and screenwriter Tony Lee will be coming to Raindance and teaching our Introduction To Comic Book And Graphic Novel Script Writing course.  A New York Times Bestselling author and Eagle Award winner who’s worked on series including, X-Men, Doctor Who, Starship Troopers and […]

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Weekly Production Video Tip #3 – Selfie Tracking Shot

This week in our weekly production video tips, we’re talking about the Selfie Tracking Shot. OK, admittedly, that’s not a technical term. But you get the idea; the camera sits close to the actor’s face and follows their movement. The desired effect is to have the actor still in the screen, while the background moves around […]


“To me everything in film is incredible”

With her first feature, They Are All Dead, Beatriz Sanchis filmed in her home town of Madrid. She talks about her love of film and the lessons she learned on set. I don’t think Spain is a good place now for any filmmakers. It’s a hard time there. It’s difficult to make movies, I think […]

rd-webfest-square web

10 Web Series You Should Be Watching In 2015

Web series, with their originality and accessibility, have started to serve as the proving ground for aspiring filmmakers. The medium is a liberating platform that can give anyone and everyone a voice. Here, at Raindance, we love the innovative content that a web series can produce. So much so that we were the first dedicated […]


An Interview With Director Steven Sheil

Steven Sheil is a British writer and director of independent horror films Mum and Dad and Deadmine. He talks about that infamous “liver” scene, shooting on a budget and his horror film festival Mayhem. Why do you think horror is such a brilliant genre to explore other issues? When you approach horror as an audience […]


10 Vine Stars You Should Be Following in 2015

Later this month Vine, the six-second video sharing app, will be celebrating its second birthday. Whilst its ever increasing popularity means that the site currently boasts over 40 million registered users, this can make it a little difficult to know where to start when it comes to following the good’uns. So we thought we’d lend […]


Weekly Production Video Tip #2 – Whip Pans

  This week in our weekly production video tips, we’re talking about Whip Pans.  No, this is not a pan in which you whip things. A Whip Pan is a quick transitional technique that can be used to add a fast-paced feel to your films. The technique is often seen used by filmmakers like Paul […]

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Raindance: The Voice of Indie Film

Raindance is dedicated to fostering and promoting independent film in the UK and around the world. Based in the heart of London, Raindance combines Raindance Film Festival, Training Courses, the prestigious British Independent Film Awards.and Raindance.tv