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Develop your voice as an independent filmmaker In partnership with Staffordshire University, Raindance offers a fully accredited Masters Program.

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The inaugural Raindance Filmmakers Masquerade Ball is taking place on Halloween, October 31st 2016 at the exclusive Century Club in London's West End.
How to Take Part: On Twitter 1) Shoot a 14-second Horror Film. 2) Upload it to Youtube. 3) Tweet us to enter the competition, including @Raindance and
Come celebrate independent filmmaking in style. Come dressed as your favourite movie character *Each guest will be supplied with your own mask Get pap
You've finally decided to jump headlong towards your dream and become a filmmaker. Now what? Leaving the ordinary civilian lifestyle to become a filmm

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5 Ways Filmmakers Play A Trump Card

What filmmakers can learn from Donald Trump

Donald Trump has played trump card after card. His election campaign has been rocked by controversy - filled with shameful and disgusting remarks. As the American presedential election looms ever nearer, there is no denying that Trump has demonstratd an astonishing ability to engage and empower a legion of followers far greater than I suspect […]

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10 Tricks And Traps Of Film Producing

10 tricks of film producing

Film producing is an occupation fraught with danger, mishaps and misfortune. As Shakespeare said: many a slip twixt cup and lip. Here are the ten areas where new producers trip up. 1. Measure Success by More Than a Theatrical Release The times are a-changin’. The costs and associated risk factor of releasing a film theatrically […]

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How Do You Develop A Story That’s Worth Telling


All successful films (independent or otherwise) start with one thing: a great story that’s worth telling. You can learn the best filming techniques, which camera best suits your needs, and how to secure the right cast. But without a great story, you won’t have a great film. Some filmmakers approach the filmmaking process with a […]

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10 Political Films To Enlighten This Election Season


The current U.S. election is rough. Yes, I use euphemisms a lot. As it's probably only going to grow more nasty by 8th November, my instinct is to turn to the best form of escapism: movies. Movies, however, have this tendency to draw inspiration from real life. Or to be such great fiction that they say […]

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